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M.Y.A.A.'S Bridal Party Collection

Bachelorette Wedding Planner Paperback

Bachelorette Wedding Planner Paperback

This Wedding Planner is designed for Bachelorettes and your Bridal Party!! The Bride and Maid of Honor have a Planner, amd now we have one for the Bridal Party!!! (which includes Bridesmaids, Friends, and Family Members)
  • Bridal Party Planner & Organizer- A Bridal Wedding Planner book has planning pages designed for your Bridal Party to help plan the Bride's Special Day. Unlike other planners, this has been designed for American Weddings, Traditional African Ghanaian Weddings, and specifically for your Bridal Party
  • This Bridal Party Planner includes sections on getting to know your Bride/Bridal Party, Budget, Affirmations, Words of Wisdom, and helping you prepare for the Bride's Day with everyone on the same accord!
  • Monthly Planning Calendar- This Bridal Party Planner has an 18-month calendar to help you organize your day as well as a checklist to ensure nothing gets missed
  • The Wedding Planner includes important events such as Save the Dates, Wedding Schedule, the Bride's Vision, Bridal Contacts, Appointments, Vendors, Bridal Shower Page, Engagement Party Page, and much much more!!
  • PERFECT BRIDAL PARTY GIFT: A beautiful present to gift to your Bridesmaids, Friends, or anyone involved with the Bride's Special Day!!!!


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